A Community Gift with Legacy

Dan Zaharoni, Hueneme Partners, LLC, delighted Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Ventura County (NMCRS) with an unexpected donation of $5000 on January 25, 2018. Hueneme Partners, LLC, is a real estate development company that seeks out underutilized commercial projects with the intention of revitalizing the building and becoming an asset to the surrounding community. Hueneme Partners, LLC, is committed to supporting the local community with every project, as Mr. Zaharoni sees the value in supporting services that might not otherwise be provided. Mr. Zaharoni is no stranger to the value nonprofits bring to a community, as he is also the CEO of Child’s Turn, a southern California-based nonprofit connecting autism caregivers with a comprehensive community of professional service providers.

With Mr. Zaharoni’s most recent property development project, he researched and focused on the mission of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Supporting NMCRS was solidified when Mr. Zaharoni realized his father, a now-retired private contractor, built some of the original barracks on Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme (NBVC). The legacy of family attachment to NBVC intrigued Mr. Zaharoni, and choosing to support NMCRS Ventura seemed the most obvious choice. NMCRS Ventura recently celebrated its 70th anniversary in supporting the NBVC, and was supporting military members and their families at the same time Mr. Zaharoni’s father was present.

NMCRS Ventura continues to assist NBVC, providing over $537,000 in financial assistance for service members, retirees, their family members, and survivors in 2017. This was only a portion of the assistance provided worldwide by NMCRS, which totaled over $45 million in interest-free loans, grants and other services. Without the generous support of donors like Mr. Zaharoni, NMCRS would not be able to fulfil its mission. We truly appreciate this unexpected gift of community.