The 2018 Active Duty Fund Drive  

March 1, 2018 – April 27, 2018

By our own, For our own!  Those words are powerful as we gear up for the 2018 Active Duty Fund Drive in support of Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.  With the kick off right around the corner, think of your fellow Sailors and Marines who benefit from your generous contribution.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our Guam community to come together in support of one another and your contribution allows Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society to help Active Duty, Retirees and their eligible dependents who find themselves in financial need.  Interest-free loans, financial counselling, Budget for Baby workshops, the Uniform Locker, the Thrift Store, and the Visiting Nurse program are the services your generous donations allow us to provide. 

In 2017, the  Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provided $590,900 in interest free loans and grants through 511 service member cases.  This was a 40.03% increase from 2016! The Thrift Shop/Uniform Locker served over 4122 clients and generated over $46,200 in revenue. Budget for Baby workshops provided 18 classes to 42 expectant parents, and gave out 23 layettes and handmade crocheted blankets. In support of these efforts, 67 volunteers logged over 9,300 hours to ensure that our service members are taken care of.

In 2017, the service members in Guam donated over $160,400. Your generous support can make a real difference to a fellow Sailor or Marine faced with a personal emergency or financial crisis.  See your Key Person today!